SourcingRiver is a new generation one-stop apparel sourcing and manufacturing company in Bangladesh with a focus to harness opportunities with affordable productive solutions in this pandemic world.

We manufacture, supply and wholesale all kind of high-quality textile products including ready-made garments apparel and export products for men, women, kids. We provide all kinds of Woven, Knit, Sweater, Lingerie and Kid’s items. We always source the premium quality fabrics, identify and evaluate our suppliers wisely and design and develop apparel with the help of our merchandiser. SourcingRiver has a creative and passionate designer team and quality control management. We also have modern manufacturing facilities, pieces of machinery and equipment. So, after confirming the quality of all cloths and apparels we pack and emerged to the destination. We believe in quality and we always do our best to attain out customer satisfaction by any means.

Who we are
SourcingRiver is a garment manufacturer & supplier, offering the best in apparel design, sourcing, manufacturing & import/ export services. We have our own garment manufacturing units along with other closely integrated overseas branch network. We pride ourselves for being amongst the top creative designers in Bangladesh to react quickly to the ever evolving global fashion trends.

What we do
We research, design and develop trend led fashions for Men/Women/Kids collections each season & supply them in bulk to wholesalers and retailers globally. We thrive in the areas of trend spotting and forecasting and excel in the knowledge of sourcing the right product from the right place at the right price. Our product areas include T- Shirts, Vests, Sweats, Hoodies, Knitwear, Woven Shirts, Jackets, Pants, shorts & Accessories.

How are we different
What sets us apart, however, is the combination of our creative expertise in fashion design along with our in-depth knowledge on the fast-moving and ever-evolving retail market. These skills come together to ensure that, we offer innovative products at the cutting edge of current design trends. Our high quality garments represent outstanding value for money and are backed up by the best-in-class customer service.